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Antique Victorian Chest: Original Painted Elegance

Antique Victorian Chest: Original Painted Elegance

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Immerse in Victorian Splendour: Original Paint, Original Grace

Unlock a portal to Victorian opulence with our Antique Original Painted Large Victorian Chest of Drawers. The intricate, original paintwork reveals the hand of a master, encapsulating the artistic spirit of a bygone era. Not just a mere storage unit, this piece is a genuine artefact that carries the legacy of Victorian design into your modern living space.

A Monument to Durability: Size and Substance

Built to offer more than just aesthetic beauty, this large Victorian chest of drawers provides ample space without sacrificing durability. Made from high-quality wood and carefully selected materials, it's crafted to withstand the sands of time. From linens to keepsakes, you can store a world inside and be assured of its integrity for years to come.

Versatility in Every Stroke: Tailor Your Aesthetic

With its original painted façade, this chest of drawers can be a centrepiece or a complementary piece depending on your style. Whether you're indulging in a Victorian-themed setting or embracing a more eclectic décor, this functional work of art effortlessly adapts, becoming not just a piece of furniture, but an integral part of your home.


Height 99cm

Width 104cm

Depth 50cm.

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