Size & Shape Planters

Size & Shape Planters: A Perfect Fit for Every Garden

Transform Your Space with Size & Shape Based Planters

Planters come in a multitude of sizes and shapes, each offering a unique aesthetic and practical advantages. From compact long planter boxes to statement-making extra large planters, your choices are as limitless as your imagination. Let's dive into the diverse world of size and shape-based planters.

The Elegant Simplicity of Long and Trough Planters

Long Planter Boxes & Long Planter Box

Long planter boxes are perfect for adding a dash of greenery to narrow or linear spaces. Whether you're lining a walkway, flanking a doorway, or edging a patio, these planters create a stylish display.

Trough Planters Plastic, Large Trough Planters & Extra Large Trough Planters for Outside

Our selection of trough planters, including plastic, large and extra large options, is perfect for gardeners who want a substantial growing space. These planters are excellent for creating dramatic displays with multiple plants or large species.

The Striking Statement of Large Planters

Large Planters for Trees, Cheap Extra Large Planters for Trees & Extra Large Tree Planters for Outside

Large planters for trees, available in budget-friendly options, allow you to make a significant impact on your outdoor space. These extra large tree planters are perfect for establishing a focal point or creating a natural canopy in your garden or patio.

Extra Large Planters for Outside UK & Extra Large Planters Cheap

Our range of extra large planters for outside, including affordable options, caters to those looking for a statement piece. These planters offer ample space for your plants to grow and flourish while adding a dramatic flair to your garden.

Large Ceramic Planter Pots & Large Outdoor Ceramic Planters

Large ceramic planter pots and large outdoor ceramic planters add a touch of elegance to any garden or patio. They are perfect for showcasing large plants or a collection of smaller ones, creating a striking display.

Large Wood Planters & Large Wooden Planter

Large wood planters and large wooden planters provide a rustic charm and substantial space for your plants. Whether you're growing vegetables, flowers, or ornamental shrubs, these planters are a stylish and practical choice.

The Captivating Allure of Tall Planters

Tall Garden Planters & Tall Planters

Tall garden planters and tall planters bring a unique dimension to your garden. Their height allows for an impressive display of trailing plants and adds a touch of drama to your garden, patio, or indoor space.

Tall Outdoor Planters

Tall outdoor planters add a touch of grandeur to your garden. Perfect for framing entrances or lining walkways, these planters provide a striking and practical addition to your outdoor space.

The Modern Twist of Rectangle and Square Planters

Large Square Planters & Large Planter Rectangle

Large square planters and large rectangle planters bring a modern touch to your garden. Their clean lines and substantial space make them an excellent choice for a contemporary garden, while their size provides plenty of room for a variety of plants.

Find the Perfect Size & Shape Planter

The size and shape of a planter can drastically influence the overall aesthetic of your garden. From long planter boxes perfect for slender spaces to extra large planters for creating a striking focal point, our extensive range of planters can cater to every need and style. So why wait? Discover the perfect size and shape