Unearth Antique Elegance: Best Vintage Plant Pots for Home & Garden

Unearth Antique Elegance: Best Vintage Plant Pots for Home & Garden


Welcome, antique enthusiasts and green-thumbed readers! Today, we delve into a delightful blend of history and horticulture, exploring how the best vintage plant pots can transform your living spaces into a charming sanctuary.

An Aesthetic Odyssey: The Unveiling of Our Blog

In this blog post, we aim to shed light on the enduring appeal of vintage plant pots, providing you with ideas and inspiration on how to incorporate these timeless pieces into your own homes and gardens. We'll voyage through a curated list of antique planters, discover how they can uniquely display your favourite blooms and foliage, and give a fresh spin to a frame plant stand, indoor hydrangea, and container tomatoes. From the quaint corners of your home to the expansive confines of your garden, we'll reveal how the charm of vintage plant pots can permeate through it all.

Vintage Plant Pots: The Timeless Charm in Your Decor

Vintage plant pots are more than just vessels for your plants; they're antique works of art that embody a piece of history. Whether it's the graceful weathering on terracotta herb planters or the mystique of a Buddha plant pot, these planters effortlessly fuse functionality and aesthetics. Their unique designs and old-world charm can create focal points in your decor, and even initiate conversations. More importantly, they make your plants – be it the delicate African violets, the sturdy hostas in pots, or the vibrant trailing petunias for hanging baskets – stand out, presenting them in a new, attractive light.

In conclusion, the best vintage plant pots offer more than a home for your plants. They become an integral part of your living space, exuding an enchanting charm that brings history, nature, and style together. Stay with us as we embark on this journey, and let's unravel the timeless beauty of vintage plant pots together. It's time to blend the greenery with history, and in doing so, create spaces in your home that tell a story.

An Exploration of Antique Charm: Best Vintage Plant Pots

From the gardens of country cottages to the balconies of city apartments, the love for vintage plant pots transcends boundaries. These pots are not just functional items, they are design elements that can define your home's style and mood.

Introducing the World of Vintage Plant Pots

Vintage plant pots have a unique charm, one that can breathe a nostalgic air into the most modern homes. They come in a myriad of materials, shapes, sizes, and designs, each with its own story to tell. You might find a worn terracotta trough planter that once sat in a Tuscan vineyard, a ceramic pot that was handcrafted decades ago, or a quirky Groot flower pot that adds a playful vibe to your collection.

While vintage pots might be known for their rustic appeal, they're also incredibly versatile. Whether your home decor leans towards traditional or modern, minimalist or eclectic, you can always find a vintage plant pot that fits seamlessly into your space.

The Transformative Effect of Vintage Plant Pots

To appreciate the transformative effect of vintage plant pots, let's look at two distinct styles: Buddha plant pots and black ceramic plant pots.

The Buddha plant pot is an antique piece that embodies tranquillity and serenity, instantly bringing an oriental flair to your space. Whether you house your delicate African violet soil-filled plants or your robust acers in pots, this piece adds a spiritual dimension to your decor.

On the other hand, black ceramic plant pots carry a bold and sophisticated aura. With its deep hue and glossy finish, this pot provides a striking contrast to the vibrant greens of your plants. It's the perfect choice for modern homes, effortlessly bridging the gap between the new and the old.

In conclusion, the allure of vintage plant pots lies in their ability to augment your home decor while celebrating their past. The contrast between the soft, organic plants and the hard, weathered pots create a visual delight, while their historical appeal adds depth to your space. Let's journey ahead and delve deeper into how we can creatively display these antique wonders.

Get Creative with A Frame Plant Stand

One of the best ways to showcase your vintage plant pots is by using an A-frame plant stand. This timeless piece of furniture is not only a great way to exhibit your collection, but it's also a brilliant space saver.

Aesthetic Benefits of an A-Frame Plant Stand

The A-frame plant stand comes with a slew of aesthetic benefits. With its simple, geometric structure, it can add a sleek, minimalist touch to any room. The stepped arrangement of shelves gives a tiered display that adds depth and interest to your space, presenting a visual feast of foliage and flowers.

When adorned with vintage pots, the contrast between the classic pots and the modern stand results in a striking blend of old and new. This marriage of styles adds a refreshing twist to your decor, presenting a harmony of time periods in a single corner of your room.

Masterfully Displaying Trailing Plants and Filled Hanging Baskets

The beauty of the A-frame plant stand is its adaptability. The design allows for a variety of plants to be showcased at different heights, creating a lush vertical garden.

Imagine the lowest shelf brimming with filled hanging baskets of cascading flowers, with vibrant trailing petunias and sweet-smelling nasturtium spilling over the sides. Their vibrant hues and trailing habits are dramatically displayed against the simplicity of the stand, drawing the eye and inviting closer inspection.

On the upper shelves, you could place trailing plants for hanging baskets in vintage pots. Lobelia in pots, with their delicate flowers, could be a splendid choice. The trailing lobelia will cascade down, softening the stand's angular lines, creating a waterfall of foliage and blossoms that's sure to be a conversation starter.

In conclusion, an A-frame plant stand can be the perfect stage for your vintage pots, offering endless opportunities for creativity. Not only does it allow you to maximise space, but it also helps you create a stunning visual impact with your trailing plants and filled hanging baskets, making it an essential addition to your indoor or outdoor space.

The Antique Allure of Various Flower Types in Vintage Pots

Nothing enhances the beauty of your vintage pots quite like the perfect choice of flowers. Some plants seem as if they were made to be paired with antique containers, their charm amplified by the timeless appeal of the vintage pot.

The Charm of Delphinium, Bougainvillea, and Lobelia in Vintage Pots

Let's take a closer look at three plants - Delphinium, Bougainvillea, and Lobelia - and how they accentuate the beauty of vintage plant pots.

Delphinium, with its majestic spires of intense blue flowers, can add a regal touch to any space. When planted in a large ceramic planter with a distressed finish, the contrast between the vibrant blooms and the rustic pot creates a stunning visual effect. The pot's vintage character complements the traditional charm of the delphiniums, making for an awe-inspiring display.

Bougainvillaea, known for its riotous colour and abundance of blooms, is a fantastic plant for a Buddha plant pot or a similarly styled vintage piece. The ornate design of the pot serves as a great backdrop to the profusion of pink or purple flowers, adding a dramatic flair to your patio or balcony.

Lobelia, a favourite for hanging baskets, is a delight to see when tumbling out of a wall-mounted vintage pot. Its delicate cascading flowers can create a waterfall effect, the softness of the lobelia contrasting beautifully with the hard edges of an aged metal or stone flower pot.

Pairing Plants with Vintage Pots

Pairing plants with vintage pots is an art in itself. A well-chosen combination can transform an ordinary corner into a focal point. For example, consider filling your quirky Groot flower pot with something playful like Nemesia or violas in pots. The sweet, dainty flowers juxtaposed with the whimsical pot can add a touch of fun to your space.

For a more sophisticated look, plant your growing chrysanthemums in a large, ornate ceramic planter. The voluminous chrysanthemums, paired with the intricate detailing of the vintage pot, can create a stunning display that exudes elegance.

In conclusion, the charm of plants like delphinium, bougainvillaea, and lobelia can be greatly enhanced when paired with vintage pots. By taking into consideration the characteristics of the plant and the design of the pot, you can create a combination that's not just visually pleasing but also tells a story. Your vintage pots are canvases waiting to be painted with the colours of your chosen plants.

The Trendy Indoor Hydrangea in Vintage Plant Pots

One plant that is increasingly finding its way indoors is the gorgeous hydrangea. Known for its large, lavish blooms and beautiful colours, it's a perfect fit for vintage plant pots.

The Beauty and Care of Indoor Hydrangea

Indoor hydrangeas, with their dense clusters of flowers, can bring a touch of the English countryside into your home. They come in an array of delightful colours, ranging from shades of pink, blue, white, to purple, making them an attractive addition to any room.

Caring for indoor hydrangeas requires some effort but is truly rewarding. Hydrangeas prefer a well-lit location but not direct, harsh sunlight. As for watering, these plants love moisture. It's important to ensure their soil remains damp but not soggy. Using a planting mix that retains moisture well is advisable. And lastly, regular feeding during the blooming period is beneficial for their abundant flowering.

Choosing the Right Vintage Pots for Indoor Hydrangea

When it comes to choosing the right vintage pot for your indoor hydrangea, you need to consider both the practical and aesthetic aspects.

For practical purposes, consider a pot that's slightly larger than the plant's root ball. This gives the hydrangea room to grow while ensuring it doesn't sit in water, which could lead to root rot. Consider vintage pots that have proper drainage such as down under pots, or smart flower pots that control the water level effectively.

From an aesthetic standpoint, hydrangeas look stunning in pretty much any vintage pot. However, they particularly shine in white ceramic plant pots or large ceramic planters. The contrast between the bold blooms and the soft, muted tones of the pot accentuates the flowers' beauty. For something more unique, a Buddha plant pot or a large planter for trees can make a statement.

In conclusion, indoor hydrangeas in vintage plant pots are a match made in heaven. The timeless beauty of the hydrangea, paired with the charm of a vintage pot, creates a stunning display that will undoubtedly be a focal point in your home. It's an easy and effective way to bring a touch of timeless elegance into your interior decor.

The Versatility of Container Tomatoes in Vintage Pots

When it comes to edible plants in vintage pots, container tomatoes top the list. These small but prolific plants are not just practical but also add a touch of beauty to your indoor or outdoor spaces.

Advantages of Growing Container Tomatoes in Vintage Pots

Growing container tomatoes in vintage pots offer several benefits. Firstly, these tomato varieties are compact, making them perfect for container gardening in small spaces like patios, balconies, or even indoors near a sunny window.

Secondly, growing tomatoes in vintage pots adds an aesthetic appeal that you won't find in traditional vegetable gardens. The ripening tomatoes offer a striking contrast against the rustic beauty of the vintage pots, turning your edible plants into ornamental pieces.

Lastly, placing your tomatoes in pots means you have control over the soil condition. This can be particularly beneficial if your garden soil is not optimal for tomato growth. A high-quality planting mix in your pot can lead to a healthier plant and a better harvest.

How to Care for Your Container Tomatoes

Taking care of your container tomatoes requires some attention but is straightforward. They need at least six to eight hours of sunlight each day. So, ensure your pots are placed where they'll get plenty of light.

Watering needs to be regular and thorough, especially in hot weather. The soil should be kept consistently moist but not waterlogged. Tomatoes in pots dry out faster than those in the ground, so keep a close eye on them.

Feed your tomatoes with a balanced liquid feed about every two weeks once the first fruits start to form. This will ensure your plant has all the nutrients it needs for a bumper crop.

Vintage pots like large garden pots cheap, terracotta herb planter, or even quirky plant pots can all be great homes for your tomatoes, adding a decorative touch while serving a functional purpose.

In conclusion, container tomatoes in vintage pots can be a fantastic addition to your home, whether you're an avid gardener or just love the idea of growing your own food. They're versatile, easy to care for, and bring a unique charm to your decor, making them a joy to grow and a delight to behold.

Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Space

If you're a lover of vintage aesthetics and houseplants, merging these two passions can result in stunning displays that serve as a focal point in your home. Vintage plant pots can inject character and history into your interiors, making them a fun and interesting way to decorate your space.

Unique Vintage Plant Pot Ideas

While there's an undeniable appeal to traditional pots, you can add a touch of quirkiness to your space with unique vintage plant pot ideas. For instance, a Groot flower pot can make for a fun, conversation-starter piece. This whimsical pot, featuring the likeness of the beloved tree-like character from the Guardians of the Galaxy, is perfect for cute succulent pots. Its rustic, wood-like finish matches perfectly with the vintage aesthetic, while the playful design adds a touch of fun to your decor.

Similarly, Buddha plant pots or elephant plant pots can bring an exotic and spiritual touch to your space. These unique pots, with their intricate designs and rich symbolism, can add depth and meaning to your plant collection. Whether they're housing a fragrant herb like growing sage in pots or a vibrant Alstroemeria in pots, these vintage pots can make your plants stand out.

Finally, don't forget about wall-mounted flower pots or fence flower pots. They can be a great way to create vertical gardens, especially if you're short on floor space. Filled with trailing flowers for hanging baskets or cascading plants, these pots can transform your walls or fences into living pieces of art.

Using Vintage Pots for Different Garden Containers

Vintage pots offer endless possibilities for garden containers. Large planters for trees, for example, can create a grand display with the right plant. A Japanese Acer in a large, vintage ceramic planter can be a stunning statement piece in your garden.

Alternatively, vintage pots can be perfect for growing perennials, like Astilbes or Hostas in pots. The rustic charm of the pots combined with the lush foliage and flowers of the perennials can create a captivating display.

Repurposing vintage containers that aren't traditionally used as plant pots, such as old watering cans, vintage teapots, or even antique wooden crates, can add an extra layer of vintage charm to your garden. These repurposed containers can be perfect for small plants like African violets or cornflowers in pots.

In conclusion, using vintage pots in your garden or indoor space is only limited by your imagination. From using unique pots like the Groot flower pot to repurposing antique containers, you can create fascinating displays that reflect your personality and love for all things vintage.

Embrace Nature with Outdoor Ceramic Plant Pots

Ceramic plant pots, with their earthy, rustic charm and functional benefits, make a fabulous choice for outdoor plant containers. They provide an organic, timeless aesthetic that blends seamlessly with nature.

The Benefits and Beauty of Ceramic Plant Pots Outdoors

Ceramic pots, particularly vintage ones, bring a certain charm to your outdoor spaces. Their often artisanal designs, beautiful finishes, and the natural feel they impart can elevate your garden or patio's overall look.

One of the biggest benefits of ceramic plant pots is their weight. Heavier than plastic and many other materials, they're ideal for holding larger plants or trees that might topple lighter containers. They're also great for windy locations where lighter pots might get blown over.

Ceramic pots are also excellent at retaining moisture, which can be a major benefit during hot summers or in areas with less frequent rainfall. However, they do need to be well-drained, so ensure your pots have enough drainage holes, or consider using pot feet to elevate them and aid water flow.

Furthermore, the thick walls of ceramic pots provide insulation to plant roots, protecting them from temperature fluctuations. They're ideal for delicate plants that require more stable conditions.

Ideal Plants for Ceramic and Terracotta Pots

Choosing the right plants for your ceramic and terracotta pots can turn your garden into a charming, green oasis. Here are a few ideas:

  • For large ceramic planters, consider planting a Japanese Acer. Acers are compact, elegant trees that look stunning in ceramic pots. Their colourful leaves, particularly in autumn, offer a wonderful contrast against the earthy tones of the pot.

  • Outdoor herb pots can be ideally housed in smaller terracotta pots. These can include rosemary, sage, or thyme. The porous nature of terracotta is beneficial for these Mediterranean herbs, as it prevents water logging and mimics their natural growing conditions.

  • For an eye-catching display, trailing plants for pots, such as trailing petunias for hanging baskets or Lobelia, are perfect for ceramic hanging baskets. These plants cascade over the sides of the pots, creating a stunning waterfall of blooms.

In conclusion, embracing nature with outdoor ceramic plant pots not only benefits your plants but also elevates your outdoor space. Whether you're filling your garden with herbs or creating a stunning display with a Japanese Acer, ceramic pots can help you create a captivating and delightful outdoor area.

Spice Up Your Kitchen with Herb Pots Outdoor

Vintage herb pots are an excellent way to grow your very own kitchen garden, offering both utilitarian and aesthetic value. Growing herbs in pots not only brings fresh flavours within easy reach but also adds a charming touch to your outdoor spaces.

The Utility and Aesthetic of Vintage Herb Pots Outdoors

Growing herbs outdoors in vintage pots is an excellent way to have a fresh supply of aromatic herbs at your disposal while enhancing the visual appeal of your patio, balcony, or garden. Vintage pots add a character and timelessness that blends harmoniously with the lush greens and subtle hues of various herbs.

These pots can be arranged in various ways to create an aesthetically pleasing herb garden. You could line them up along your kitchen window for easy access or arrange them on a rustic wooden ladder for a tiered garden effect. Alternatively, hanging herb pots or arranging them on a modern plant stand can create a vertical garden that saves space while looking fabulous.

Whether it's a terracotta herb planter housing your fragrant basil, a stone flower pot nurturing your rosemary, or a quirky plant pot growing your thyme, vintage herb pots can add a unique charm to your garden while providing culinary benefits.

Tips for Growing Herbs in Vintage Pots

When it comes to growing herbs in vintage pots, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Drainage: Make sure your pots have good drainage. Herbs don't like to sit in waterlogged soil. If your pot doesn't have holes, you can add some gravel at the bottom to help with water drainage.

  • Size: Choose a pot that's large enough for your herbs to grow. Most herbs need a pot that's at least 20-30 cm in diameter.

  • Soil: Use a good quality potting mix. Some herbs prefer a slightly sandy soil to ensure proper drainage.

  • Sun: Most herbs love the sun. Place them in a spot where they'll get at least six hours of sunlight a day.

  • Watering: Don't overwater your herbs. It's better to let the soil dry out a bit between watering.

  • Feeding: Use a slow-release fertiliser at the beginning of the growing season to give your herbs a good start.

In conclusion, growing herbs in outdoor vintage pots not only adds beauty to your outdoor space but also brings the joy of fresh, homegrown herbs right to your kitchen. It's a simple, rewarding pleasure that blends functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Where to Find the Best Vintage Plant Pots?

When it comes to finding the best vintage plant pots, there are several places to look. Whether you prefer to shop in person or online, there are options to suit everyone's preference.

Different Places to Buy Vintage Plant Pots

Homebase: A popular destination for all things home and garden-related, Homebase offers a wide variety of plant pots, including many with a vintage aesthetic. From quaint terracotta pots to more elaborate designs, there's something for everyone.

IKEA: While IKEA may be known for its modern, minimalist designs, it also offers a selection of plant pots that cater to the vintage-loving crowd. Their outdoor range, for instance, includes pots with a distressed or weathered finish, which can add a vintage touch to your space.

Online Antique Stores: If you're after truly vintage or antique pots, online antique stores or marketplaces could be your best bet. You can find everything from quirky plant pots to large planters for trees.

Local Antique Shops and Markets: Don't forget your local antique shops or flea markets. These places can be goldmines for unique, vintage finds. Plus, shopping in person allows you to see the item up close before purchasing.

Tips for Choosing the Right Vintage Plant Pot

When choosing a vintage plant pot, keep the following in mind:

  • Size and Scale: The pot should be proportionate to the plant it will house. A pot too big can lead to overwatering issues, while a pot too small might not provide enough room for growth.

  • Drainage: Good drainage is vital for plant health. Ensure your vintage pot has enough drainage holes. If not, you may need to drill some or use it as a decorative pot with a plastic pot inside.

  • Material: The pot's material can impact its durability and how well it retains water. For example, terracotta is porous and allows for good aeration but dries out quickly.

  • Style: Ultimately, the style of the pot should align with your aesthetic preferences and the decor of your space. From Buddha plant pots to Groot flower pots, there are vintage pots to suit every style.

In conclusion, there's no shortage of places to find vintage plant pots. Whether you're hunting in your local antique market or browsing online, with a bit of patience and these tips in mind, you're sure to find the perfect pot to add some vintage charm to your home or garden.


Vintage plant pots offer a charm and character that is hard to replicate with modern alternatives. They provide an authentic touch of nostalgia, a hint of history, and a whole lot of personality. Integrating vintage plant pots into your home and garden decor not only allows you to express your unique style but also lets you partake in the sustainable practice of reusing and repurposing items.

Whether you choose to grow container tomatoes in a rustic terracotta pot, house your indoor hydrangea in a distressed ceramic pot, or display trailing plants on a classic A-frame stand, vintage pots can enhance your surroundings. From adding visual interest to your patio, enlivening your interior decor, or spicing up your kitchen with an outdoor herb garden, vintage pots prove to be versatile and stylish additions.

Moreover, the world of vintage plant pots presents an opportunity to learn and appreciate the beauty of different plants. Each pot, with its unique characteristics and past, pairs differently with various flora, creating endless possibilities for stunning combinations.

As we conclude, we invite you to explore this captivating world of vintage plant pots. Look beyond their basic function and see them as pieces of art, stories waiting to be told, and an extension of your personality. Create your own green sanctuary, one vintage pot at a time. Add that timeless charm to your home or garden that only something vintage can offer. Happy potting!

Where to Discover Antique Home Decor and Furniture

Embarking on your antiquing journey is an exciting endeavour, with your first port of call being the discovery of a reputable source of antique items. Numerous locations, both virtual and physical, provide a treasure trove of antique pieces for you to explore. Here are some top-notch venues to kick-start your antique exploration:

Taylors Direct: A UK-centric retailer specialising in antique furniture, Taylors Direct houses a diverse array of pieces designed to infuse your home with a dash of vintage charm.

eBay: A global online powerhouse, eBay presents a vast collection of antique and vintage offerings. From time-honoured jewellery to antiquated furniture, you're bound to stumble upon an antique gem here.

Etsy: An online platform known for hosting independent merchants, Etsy offers a plethora of antique items. The marketplace is a haven for finding distinctive pieces spanning various eras and aesthetics.

Old Treasure Antiques: This local boutique takes pride in its carefully selected assortment of premium antiques.

Station Mill: Nestled in the heart of Chipping Norton, Station Mill is an antique centre that hosts over 80 dealers showcasing an expansive variety of antique and vintage collectables.

Oliveri Antiques: Situated in Chipping Norton, Oliveri Antiques has gained a reputation for its exquisite collection of antique furniture, lighting fixtures, and ornamental accessories. They specialise in antique furniture hailing from the 15th to 17th Century.

1stDibs: A dedicated online marketplace, 1stDibs specialises in luxury antique and vintage furniture, jewellery, fashion, and art pieces sourced from leading global dealers.

Kernow Furniture: A UK online retailer, Kernow Furniture offers a wide selection of vintage and retro furniture, with a notable emphasis on mid-century items.

Vinterior: An online platform that serves as a bridge between buyers and independent vendors of vintage and antique furniture, Vinterior showcases an extensive selection of items spanning different periods and aesthetics.

Whether you're scouring the market for a classic chest of drawers, a retro-style sofa, or antique jewellery, these venues cater to a range of preferences and budgets. Dive in and enjoy your antique hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of old plant pots?

If the pots are still functional, consider donating them to a local school, community garden, or charity. Some garden centres or home improvement stores like B&Q also have recycling programs for old plant pots. If the pots are broken, check if your local recycling facility accepts the type of material the pot is made from.

Which plant pots are best?

The best plant pots depend on the type of plant and where you intend to place it. For instance, ceramic plant pots outdoors are excellent for their durability and heat retention, while a frame plant stands are great for displaying indoor trailing plants. For a unique touch, vintage plant pots can add character to your home or garden.

Can you recycle GREY plastic plant pots?

Yes, grey plastic plant pots are usually made from polypropylene, which is recyclable. However, not all local recycling facilities accept this type of plastic, so it's best to check with your local council or recycling centre.

Is there a market for plant pots?

Absolutely! From common retailers like IKEA and Homebase to online marketplaces and local antique shops, there's a vibrant market for plant pots in all styles, sizes, and materials, including vintage plant pots.

Do B&Q take old plant pots?

As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, B&Q did not have a nationwide scheme for taking back old plant pots. However, this may vary by location and could have changed since then. It's best to contact your local B&Q store to confirm.

How do you get rid of dead flower pots?

If the pot is still in good condition, remove the dead flowers, clean the pot, and reuse it for another plant. If the plant died from disease, disinfect the pot before reusing. If the pot is no longer usable, check with your local recycling facility about the proper disposal method.

Why do they sell plant pots without drainage holes?

Pots without drainage holes are often sold as decorative pots or cache pots. They are designed to hold a plastic grow pot inside. This allows for easy watering and prevents water from damaging surfaces.

Can you use old pots for plants?

Yes, old pots can be repurposed for plants. Ensure they are thoroughly cleaned and have adequate drainage. Old vintage plant pots can add character to your decor.

How long do grow pots last?

The lifespan of a grow pot depends on the material. Plastic pots can last several years with proper care, while fabric pots may need replacing every couple of seasons. Terracotta and ceramic pots can last for decades if they are well cared for.

Can I reuse soil from last year's pots?

Yes, but it's recommended to replenish the soil with new nutrients. Old soil can be mixed with new potting mix or compost. Ensure there were no diseases in the plants grown in it the previous year.

Are old pots safe?

Old pots are generally safe, but inspect them for cracks or chips that could harm the plant's roots. Also, check that there's no lead in the pot if it's an antique.

Are black plastic pots bad for plants?

Black plastic pots aren't inherently bad for plants, but they do absorb and retain heat, which can cause the roots to overheat in sunny, hot conditions. If using black plastic pots, consider placing them in a location with partial shade to prevent overheating.

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