Vintage & Antique Plant Pots

Discover the charms of yesteryears and invigorate your green spaces with Northwick Pine Antiques' diverse selection of vintage plant pots. Our Cotswolds-based antique shop is proud to present a unique collection, where every item tells a story of rich past and timeless beauty.

From large ceramic planter to cute succulent pots, we curate our assortment to provide you with a piece that perfectly resonates with your aesthetic and space requirements. In particular, our buddha plant pot and elephant plant pot offerings, featuring intricate designs, evoke an aura of mystique and allure that can transform any corner of your home into a tranquil sanctuary.

Our inventory doesn't stop at individual pots. We also boast a line-up of plant stands such as the sturdy and stylish A frame plant stand and the versatile modern plant stand. These are perfect for showcasing your trailing plants or beautiful blooms in their full glory.

Northwick Pine Antiques understands the importance of the right potting mix for healthy plant growth. That's why we've stocked up on African violet soil and other planting mixes. Whether you're growing chrysanthemums in pots, repotting a lemon tree, or nurturing your Japanese acer in pot, we have the ideal soil for you.

We pride ourselves on our wide array of garden containers and large outdoor planter boxes. These are suitable for container tomatoes or if you fancy growing perennials like alliums, astilbe, delphinium or alstroemeria in pots.

For lovers of artificial hanging baskets, we offer an array of tasteful designs that will add a pop of colour and charm to your walls. If you prefer a natural touch, explore our hanging baskets filled with beautiful bougainvillea, cascading nasturtium, charming lobelia, or trailing petunias. And to keep your vibrant blooms flourishing, we offer ollas watering solutions for efficient and sustainable irrigation.

Not just limited to floor or hanging options, we also provide creative solutions like fence flower pots and wall-mounted flower pots, allowing you to transform every nook and corner of your garden into a blooming paradise.

Visit Northwick Pine Antiques and choose from our fine selection of vintage plant pots. Whether you want a white ceramic plant pot, a black hanging basket, or a quirky plant pot for your indoor hydrangea or acers in pots, we have something for every plant lover out there.