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19C Antique Standing Mirror

19C Antique Standing Mirror

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A Reflection of Classic Beauty and Functionality

Dive into this exquisite 19C Antique Standing Mirror, a perfect blend of form and function. Its warm mahogany colour and detailed grain bring a cosy, inviting atmosphere to any room, making it more than just a mirror but a piece of art.

19C Antique Standing Mirror, Craftsmanship That Speaks Volumes

  • Exquisite Mahogany Wood: The deep, warm tones of mahogany not only promise durability but also exude an air of sophistication in your space.
  • Beveled Mirrored Glass: Each reflection is framed beautifully by the beveled edges, adding depth and character to the mirror’s appearance.

The attention to detail in the restoration process highlights the mirror’s unique features, from its unusual frame to the delicate movement that allows it to rotate with ease.


Height: 66cm
Width: 56cm
Depth: 27cm

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