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Antique Brass Umbrella Stand: Timeless Elegance for Your Home

Antique Brass Umbrella Stand: Timeless Elegance for Your Home

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Elevate Your Entryway with an Antique Brass Umbrella Stand

Introduce a touch of timeless elegance and functional beauty to your home with our Antique Brass Umbrella Stand. This exquisite piece, professionally restored by the skilled artisans at Northwick Pine Antiques, combines the warmth of brass with the durability of cast iron, making it a perfect addition to any decor.

A Fusion of Elegance and History

  • Authentic Antique Charm: This umbrella stand is not just a functional item but a piece of history, with its original fittings and intricate designs that tell a story of craftsmanship from a bygone era.
  • Warm Brass Aesthetics: The lovely warm colour of the brass complements any room, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to your entryway or hallway.
  • Intricate Side Designs: The sides of the stand feature beautifully crafted designs, adding an artistic flair to its practicality and making it a standout piece in any home.

Meticulously Restored for Modern Homes

  • Professional Restoration: Northwick Pine Antiques' restoration team has lovingly brought this piece back to its former glory, ensuring it meets the needs of contemporary living while preserving its historical essence.
  • Durable Materials: Combining brass with a cast iron base, this stand is not only beautiful but also incredibly sturdy, ready to hold umbrellas of all sizes securely.
  • Functional Elegance: The bottom tray, made of cast iron, is designed to catch water, keeping your floors dry and your umbrellas neatly stored in style.


  • Height: 60cm
  • Width: 46cm
  • Depth: 15cm
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